Experience Adventure With The High-Speed Electric Scooter of Your Dreams

ARVALA is a company founded by a group of electric scooter enthusiasts. We understand why you love to ride, and we are dedicated to giving all riding enthusiasts the ultimate experience of safety, stability, enthusiasm, and Brave Adventure. Our newly developed APP will protect you and your Scooter safety.


ARVALA has been the pioneer of adult electric scooters since 2014. ARVALA team has over eight years of experience in electric scooter manufacturing and over 200 design drafts. Through our research and development, we have created a scooter that is not only reliable but also stylish and accessible to everyone. With ARVALA, you can feel the wind in your hair as you zip through the city streets on your scooter board! ARVALA designs all-terrain scooters with your needs in mind so that you can enjoy every ride.


KMs Travelled


Mechanical Testing


Number of Exhibitions Attended



ARVALA'sadventure, excitement, freedom, and creativity all come together in ourpractical and stylish e-scooters! We’re a group of young enthusiasts who fellin love with the e-scooter in 2014. Since then, we’ve been working tirelesslyto develop a safe, stable, and robust product while embodying our own personalitiesand features.


ARVALA Team Started to DIY E-scooter in our workshop, this is the first ARVALA Prototype.


ARVALA establishes its first production line.


MAR. 1

ARVALA C-pro design draft.

JUN. 7

ARVALA M10 handmade sample.

OCT. 4

ARVALA's self-developed controller.

NOV. 7

ARVALA M11 design manuscript.

DEC. 20

ARVALA self-developed dual motor.


AUG. 1

C-pro dual motor E-scooter upgrade completed

OCT. 3

M10 1000w dual motor scooter started sales.

DEC. 17

M11 3200w dual motor scooter started sales.


JAN. 3

ARVALA APP was officially launched on Apple and Android systems.

FEB. 2

ARVALA received all quality certification.


ARVALA M11 is the best electric scooter for taller, heavier adult riders. It's perfect for adults who want a high-performance racing electric scooter to handle any terrain. It has a powerful dual motor, 53 MPH top speed, and a 75-mile range, NUTT Brake, and Adjustable Suspension and APP function.


ARVALA M10 is a lightweight beast scooter boasting dual motors with 37MPH and a range of up to 70 miles. It's easy to fold and carry, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fast, flexible.


Arvala C-Pro builds on the most popular features of the best-selling Arvala C-Pro and introduces a number of improvements. Industry-leading suspension and acceleration are finally available in a smaller, more compact, and refined package. Arvala C-Pro also introduces a number of highly-demanded features such as folding mechanism, dedicated footrest, and more.


When you ride an ARVALA folding scooter for adults, you can feel the thrill of cutting through the air, whether cruising through the city or exploring rugged terrain. We design our scooters with modern, trendy elements, and our teams have taken every safety precaution imaginable to ensure you can enjoy the ride with peace of mind. Our battery, brakes, all-terrain suspension, and friction-resistant tires are just a few examples of how we've taken rider safety seriously.

We're all about speed and excitement and love sharing our creations with other adrenaline lovers. ARVALA scooters are ideal for any scenario, whether your goal is to beat foot traffic or go off-roading with your buddies.

Of course, with high kph can come danger, so we've spent countless hours perfecting the structure, safety measures, and performance of our two-wheelers. As a result, when you ride an ARVALA scooter, you can combine the two most vital things riders look for in an e-scooter: speed and safety.

Our product is constantly being upgraded and optimized, driven by our
love and passion for our scooters. Every rider feels alive and free when they
ride an ARVALA Scooter, so join us on this exciting journey today!