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Q: Are ARVALA-scooter Safe to Ride?

Arvala is a very safe scooter. We have professional technicians and an assembly team. Every scooter will go through a strict testing process after assembly. We also use strong packing boxes and foam in the packaging part, in order to ensure The product can be well protected during transportation to avoid damage caused by transportation.

Q:What type of battery does ARVALA-Scooter use?

Arvala scooters use intelligent lithium batteries, and each set of batteries has undergone rigorous testing and has certificates.

Q:Should I first fully discharge the battery of the electric scooter before charging it again?

When you receive the scooter, the first thing to do is to fully charge it. Because international standards require that the battery of a scooter cannot be fully charged for transportation, so when you receive the scooter, charge it first and then enjoy it. When the battery power is lower than 25%, please charge your scooter when possible. Please do not completely discharge the battery, as doing so will damage the battery life.

Q: How often should I charge the battery of my electric scooter?

The charging frequency is related to your frequency of use. When you use the scooter frequently, please do not lower the battery power to less than 25%. If you do not use the scooter for a long time, please fully charge your scooter to 100% every month before storing it.